Henderson, (N. Y.) June 28, 1857


Dear Nephew:

According to agreement I write to you a few lines. I arrived home on Thursday and had no misfortune to me and found all well. I have not written as soon as (I) meant to on account of going to Brownsville and getting the family record. My brothers’ families are well as (illegible?).

I would give you the ages of my father and mother and brothers and sisters birth and death (dates) from the family bible which is (in) father’s handwriting.

Born Died

(Father) David Scott June 2, 1752 March 29, 1806

(Mother) Mehitabel Scott Oct. 11, 1756 Sept. 19, 1824

Enos Scott Feb. 12, 1775

Hannah Scott Jan. 20, 1777 1851

Polly Scott Jan. 15, 1779 Oct. 1810

Anna Scott Mar. 12, 1781

Pruela Scott Mar. 20, 1783

Josiah Scott June 11, 1790 June 20, 1833

Jeremiah Scott Feb. 13, 1793

Betsy Scott May 12, 1796 May 12, 1817

William Scott June 2, 1799


I would say something about the weather and the crops. I found our crops farther (ahead) than it is at your place. The weather has been very wet and cold – great crop of grass. Our pastures are better than the meadow was two years ago. Corn is very small. I have nothing else to write. I am glad that I visited you and family and mother. It will be long remembered. I should be glad (to see) you all (again) but life is uncertain and death is sure. I shall expect a visit from some of your family some future day. Tell your mother (I saw) Enos Scott last week and found him well, mowing grass and smart as a man of sixty years of age. Please write to me soon as convenient. Please look over my blunders and call me the poor scholar.

Isaac Webb, I remain your uncle and friend and brother in Christ.


Wm. Scott


Comments – words in parenthesis are added to complete the meaning, as I believe intended. Names and dates very legible, but some other parts hard to decipher. Dates of death probably added by writer of letter and not taken from Bible in fathers hand writing. David Scott died before any of the others.


W. J. Webb, May 24, 1952