WEBB Genealogical Findings
The search for ancestors and descendants of
James and Anna (Scott) Webb
Over the last half century, there have been many family members who
have researched the ancestors and descendants of James and Anna (Scott) Webb.
Much has been uncovered, many paths followed and techniques employed in this pursuit. I would like to extend my thanks for the efforts of all who have contributed to this great work. Many names could be mentioned, but the Internet is a fast-moving medium, and the list is growing. Let it be said that their research helped to make our family history whole.
This web site will document much of the work that has been done, and offers an ongoing journal of this and other family researchers' activities to uncover the truth behind the family mystery of James Webb's parentage and nativity. It is hoped that other researchers and historians can derive some benefit from this information. Included is source information, both cited and actual images, of Bible records, birth, marriage and death records and certificates, probate documents, census records, and cemetery photographs. Also included is my compilation entitled "Descendants of James Webb and Anna Scott, with collateral lines...". This is a work in process and will continue to grow as research continues and our family expands.
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September 2005: Updated Barbour extraction for WEBB surname; added Bible Record for Wilford Webb of Perry, Ohio.
December 2004: Results of DNA testing and comparison provides no matches, but suggests that Richard WEBB, Stamford & Christopher Webb, Braintree, are not candidate ancestors.
Recent News
December 2005: Reviewing Will for Isaac Webb of Rensselaer County, NY and Quartermaster's Pay Sheet, 1814, from Sacket's Harbor, NY, listing a James Webb.
January 2006: Researching David Scott, Lenox, Mass.