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Little evidence remains to direct a researcher, amateur or professional, in the search for James Webb. Our Webb family began its search for the truth some half a century ago, with work done by descendants of Isaac Webb, James' and Anna's oldest son. Isaac was the only son to remain in Perry, Ohio, where James and Anna appear to have settled. In the mid-1950's, Wilford J. Webb of Perry, a great-grandson of Isaac, compiled a significant base of information. This work expanded on research done by his brother Harland and members of the Van Ness family (Wilford's mother was a Van Ness). In the 1960's, Wilford published a short monograph outlining his findings. His work describes the framework for the genealogy of our Webb family.

Expanding on Wilford's findings, Donald Webb of Lakewood, Ohio, a descendant of William Webb of Wisconsin, published a similar document in 1979, which included additional family information, and was widely circulated. These two works have become the springboard for most research which has followed. One source that both Wilford and Don quote from is a 1901 county history of William Webb of Albany, Wisconsin. It would appear that this document became a foundation source in their search.

Of note for Wilford and Don's research was the finding of a purported affidavit stating a Bible record for James Webb, which claimed parentage through William Webb of Perch River, New York. Both researchers satisfactorily proved that the record is in error, and that James could not be a son of William of Perch River.
The James & Anna Scott Webb Family, Wilford J. Webb, 1961 (PDF)
Source Information
James Webb Family, Donald Webb, 1979 (PDF)
Commemorative Biographical Record of the Counties of Rock..., J.H. Beers, 1901
Pension Affidavit Anna Webb, Charles Webb Military Service, 1849
Transcription of letter from William Scott (Henderson, NY) to Isaac Webb, 1857
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Partial transcription of field research notes by Wilford J. Webb, June 1952, re: William Webb, Perch River, NY (PDF)