Establishing the Sons of James & Anna (Scott) Webb
In his 1961 "The James & Anna Scott Webb Family," Wilford J. Webb (1888-1969), great-grandson of Isaac Webb of Perry, Ohio, notes that:

"In the account book was the names of William, David and Robert Webb, brothers of Isaac and a memo of their age, but not even stating that they were Isaac’s brothers. On the last page of the book, which is partly torn out is the address of William & Robert as Albany, Wisconsin."

From this and other family records, Wilford, and his brother Harland (1886-1969) establish five sons of James Webb: Isaac, David, William, Charles and Robert. A great deal of field work was also done during the 1950's by Wilford, at which point two other sons, James and Reuben, were also mentioned. In 1979, Donald Webb, a second great-grandson to William Webb, published his widely-circulated "James Webb Family," offering further information on the family. Lastly, a document provided by Jim VanNess, second great-grandson to Isaac Webb, presents a compilation by Harland Webb and other family members, which refers to "the old Webb Bible," for which this researcher is attempting to obtain copies or transcriptions. This page will focus on enhancement of source information to amplify the findings of these early family researchers.

Isaac Webb was born in New York in 1802, married Emeline Cone 1828 in Painesville, Geauga (now Lake), Ohio, and died 1875 in Painesville. Isaac's birth and death dates are established by cemetery marker, his marriage to Emeline Cone, and his death, is verified by records in Geauga & Lake county archives. Isaac also appears in census records from 1830 to 1870 in Perry, Ohio. Two published genealogies, "Some Account of the Cone Family in America..." by William Whitney Cone, 1903, Topeka, Kansas, and "The Champion Genealogy..." by Francis Bacon Trowbridge, 1891, New Haven, Connecticut, support the source information.

David Webb was born in Cazenovia, Madison, New York in 1811, married Julia Cone (sister of Emeline) in 1833, and died 1891 in Rockford, Winnebago, Illinois. David's birth and death dates are established by cemetery marker, his marriage to Julia Cone, is verified by records in Geauga & Lake county archives, and are presented on this web site (Vital Records). His birth and death dates are further documented in Winnebago county death records, and in the family Bible of his son, Anderson Cone Webb. Census and land records for 1840 and 1850 Akron area, Summit county, Ohio, and David's move to Michigan, are supported by biography of his son Milo C. Webb, as found in "History of the State of Kansas" by William G. Cutler, 1883, Chicago, Illinois. A biography of son Anderson is found in "History of Berrien and Van Buren Counties, Michigan...", 1880, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which provides further support for the Michigan move, and is confirmed by an 1858 land record and 1870 census record for Paw Paw, Van Buren, Michigan. David had moved to Sedan, Kansas by 1880, near son Milo, as evidenced by 1880 census record. A funeral notice from the Rockford Morning Star, dated 8 July 1891, and obituary in the Albany Vindicator (Albany, Wisconsin) supports the vital records. The Albany Vindicator obituary also states "William Webb was called to Rockford on Monday of last week to minister to the closing hours of his brother David Webb of that city, the latter passing away at 8:00 on the save evening.". This supports the premise that David and William were brothers; David's marriage application was obtained, by virtue of his signature, by Isaac Webb. The Cone genealogy and the Will of Salmon Cone (Julia and Emeline Cone's father), lend credence to a sibling relationship between David and Isaac.

William Webb was born in Oneida county, New York in 1819, married Fanny Rice 1842, and died 1914 in Wisconsin. A Bible record for William is listed on this web site, and various source infomation is shown to support his vitals. William is also the focus of the most controversial information. First, a biography from "Commemorative Biographical Record of the counties of Rock, Green...", published 1901 by J.H. Beers & Co., provides a death date for father James of 1841, which is found to be incorrect, by mother Anna's statement in affidavit for pension that James died in 1835. There is further information that is also of question regarding Anna's family, which this researcher has found to be incorrect. The second controversial item is a statement of Bible record by Jessie (Sutherland) Weirich, grand-daughter of William Webb, that claims that James Webb was son of William & Lois (Strong) Webb of Perch River, New York. This is a statement made before a notary on May 1927. Other than that shown for William Webb of Albany, Wisconsin, and some, but not all, of that listing children of William of Perch River, the information does not match any factual source whatsoever, and should be discounted, if one assumes that William of Albany, Wisconsin was brother to Isaac, David, Charles and Robert. This is echoed in statements of earlier researchers Wilford J. Webb and Donald Webb.

Charles Webb was born in Oneida county, New York about 1824, and died 1846 in Monterrey, Mexico, from illness during service in the Mexican War. This is well-documented on this web site, and in pension records, in possession of this researcher. He never married.

Robert Webb was born in Oneida county, New York in 1825, married 1848 Lydia Dunbar, second married 1866 Elizabeth McKay and died 1896 Akan, Richland, Wisconsin. This information is supported by census, land and death records for Wisconsin. An obituary also exists for Robert Webb, dated 1 April 1896, published in the Albany Vindicator, supporting a sibling relationship between William of Albany and Robert of Richland, Wisconsin. No sons of Robert ever married. One interesting footnote is that Robert committed suicide, as did his purported brother Isaac. Both stories speak of poor health or limited ability (Isaac was blind) which led to despondency and depression preceding the death.

James Webb. The only sources for this individual are a marriage in Geauga records, dated 1830, to a Jemima Mosher, and an 1830 census record, enumerated close to Isaac Webb in Perry, Ohio. There are also some land records for a James Webb, which are potentially this individual. Attempts to track this James beyond 1830 have been unsuccessful. An estimated birth date of 1808 is suggested.

Reuben Webb appears on an 1850 census for Albany, Green, Wisconsin, and also in an 1848 BLM Land record for Rock county, Wisconsin. Reuben is enumerated on the same census page as our William Webb of Wisconsin. There is further indication that he married Esther Webb, daughter of William Webb of Perch River, New York, served in the Civil War and finally located to Adams, Jefferson county, New York, where cousin William Scott, son of (uncle) William Scott of Henderson, New York, had settled. DAR records for defunct Adams Chapter, including an obituary, state that Esther (Webb) Webb was a "real" daughter; that is, a child of the Rev. War patriot. Reuben's marriage to Esther could further indicate that the statement of Bible record by Jessie Weirich is incorrect.
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