David Scott of Lowville, NY
Donald Lines Jacobus, in his "Scott Family of Ridgefield, Conn." (TAG 44:1,
Jan 1968) states of David Scott born 11 June 1752, "by the family account
moved to the Black River country, N.Y. He probably left Conn. before 1790..."
This is echoed in Carol Clark Johnson's "Fullers Sissons and Scotts"
(American International, 1976).

Our family records hold a letter from William Scott of Henderson, NY to his
nephew, Isaac Webb of Perry, OH, which states that his father David's birth
date was 2 June 1752, and the names and vital dates of his parents and
siblings. It is proposed that the birth "day" of David was transposed with
his wife, Mehitabell, who, it states, was born 11 Oct 1756. Whether this
was a transcription error by Wilford J. Webb from the letter, or from the
"family record," we may never know. However, new findings begin to support
the premise that David Scott of Lowville was of Ridgefield, Conn. nativity.

David Scott's will was located in Lowville, Lewis county, New York courthouse
in June of 2003. It gives the names of all of his children, his wife, and is
consistent with our family letter. Jacobus' work states that for the will of
David Scott born 1727, died 1809, "On the back of the inventory is a list of
advancements made as shown by book acount, and the names of the children
in this list are: David Scott dec'd..." Our David Scott died 29 March 1806,
between the writing of what we believe is his father's will in 1802 and his father's death in 1809. We also know that a David Scott was in Lowville, by review of records from the First Congregational Chuch of Lowville, formed in 1803. David Scott is among the list of original members.

An obituary for our David Scott's son Enos was located in January 2004, in Ionia county, Michigan, published in the Portland [Michigan] Observer, dated 7 September 1875. In it is paraphrased:

"Capt. Enos Scott, living with his sister near Lyons, died Sat. Aug.28th at age 100 yrs, 6 months. The funeral of Capt. Enos Scott took place Monday at the residence of B. F. Faxon, at Lyons. Capt Scott was born Lenox, Mass, Feb. 12th 1775. After maturity & marriage he moved to Lewis Co., NY. His active life was spent in Lewis & Jefferson Counties at coopering & farming. After adverse circumstances he came to Michigan in 1862, & resided alternately at Detroit & Lyons. He joined the Free Masons in 1800, & was said to be the oldest Mason in this state. He experienced religion in Detroit & since has read the Bible more than any other book. He claimed to be a relative of Gen. Winfield Scott, whom he somewhat resembled, being six foot high, well-proportioned, muscular & daring."

A second obituary in Watertown [NY] Daily Times, dated 6 September 1875, announces his death, and gives a residence of Michigan and age of 100 years and six months. It also states he was "long a resident of Lewis county and for years a farmer near Perch River."

Census records for Enos Scott state that he was born in Massachusetts; his death record also records a nativity for that state. For 1870 census, Enos is shown in the household of Benjamin Faxon, Lyons, Michigan; review of the 1790 census shows a David Scott in Lenox, Berkshire county, Massachusetts. Carol Clark Johnson's work also associates Winfield Scott, founder of Scottsdale, Arizona, with the Ridgefield Scott family. This Winfield did serve in Civil War, but was a Major in rank, and was best known as a Chaplain. The information from the obituaries would appear to be at least verifiable, and could support the surmise for our David Scott; that is, he is of the Ridgefield, Connecticut family.

Review of Lenox, Mass. records has uncovered for David Scott: first in 1773, a land record for David Scott, Ridgefield, Conn. to his son, David. Second, there are baptism records for Anna, Prudy, Josiah & Jeremiah dated June 7, 1795, and Betsey on July 3, 1796. This ties up the loose ends quite nicely, and more research for Lenox records will be completed to fully validate.
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